Welcome to CO2 Comics
and prepare yourself for an adventure.

Actually, this will be the continuation of an adventure that began thirty years ago this summer when I first conceived of what would become Comico the Comic Company, a dynamic comic publishing house that established great standards for comics in the 1980’s, and championed the rights of creators as its most fundamental goal from inception.

Comico began as a collaboration of three friends from high school, myself, Vince Argondezzi and Phil LaSorda who passed away last year. It later included Phil’s brother Dennis and a college friend of mine Bill Cucinotta. As publishers we turned first to our friends as we broadened our line. The relationships we had with our creator friends shaped the character of a company that was, at its best, energetic, innovative and creative. Unfortunately, Comico is no longer part of the verdant landscape that is comics other than a vital part of the history of the medium.

I am joined again by Bill Cucinotta in an effort designed to rekindle the creative fires that we each share for comics. CO2 Comics will be our vehicle to continue our mission to explore the possibilities of the medium both in print and electronically across the vast canvas that is the internet. You are welcome to join us. Be supportive. Be critical. Be challenging. But, most of all, be involved.

We recognize that comics are a medium of freedom. Versatile use of words, pictures, space and time that flow freely from a creative hand onto a page that can wrap the world in seconds communicating the clearest vision of the artist to the largest possible audience. Independence is still our motto, as it was in the ’80’s, but today the internet presents itself as the ultimate tool of that liberation from traditional comics to the potential of the future. Tradition, however has its place, and comics in print will be as much a goal using new technology and distribution venues to put books in the hands of readers.

Why CO2 Comics?

First as homage to our efforts as Comico, effectively the second coming of the CO.

A CO-llaboration between 2 creators, myself and Bill.

A CO-operative where artist can come 2-gether to explore the medium of comics.

Finally, as an analogy. Those of us who love comics don’t just create them, we live them. Just as we exhale carbon dioxide (CO2) as we live and breathe so do comics pour from our hands when we are truly alive creatively.

CO2 Comics will become a community, a gathering for comic creators and enthusiasts alike. A place to share, learn, grow, create and be entertained. It will be an adventure, as we travel, together, through a portal that is the future of comics.

Gerry Giovinco


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